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Chemical Engineering
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Envision good human beings empowered with need based Chemical Engineering education.


M1. To develop competent engineers with excellence in technical and problem solving skills.

M2. To prepare employable personnel and entrepreneurs through industry-institute interaction.

M3. To enhance competency through self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

M4. To inculcate sense of discipline, responsibility towards society and promote lifelong learning.


The Diploma course in chemical engineering deals with various aspects of chemical industry, such as, Unit operations, Process Technology of Important Commercial Chemicals, Process Control and Instrumentation, Maintenance and Material Handling. The course covers, important subjects such as, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Pollution Control and Waste Disposal, Stoichiometry and Safety in Plant Operation.

The students undergoing this course get well conversant with the plant operation and maintenance of modern chemical plant. They can work in industry as foremen, supervisors at the shop floor level. They can also work for fabrication, erection and commissioning of plants.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
Shri R.D.Shimpi Head B.E., M.Tech.
Shri M.M.Belwalkar Lecturer B.Tech., M.Tech.
Mr. N.R.Nagose Lecturer B.Tech. M.E.
Mrs. J.S.Sangle Lecturer B.Tech. M.E.
Mrs.Kirti Bhave Lecturer M.Sc
Mrs. S.P. Survana Lecturer M.Sc



Curriculum for batch admitted in 2022-23

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13