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  • Civil Engineering

    Diploma in Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering covers Materials of Construction, Use of Surveying and Levelling Instruments, Civil Engineering Drawing and Methods of Construction


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  • Mechanical

    Diploma in Mechanical Engneering

    The Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering lays emphasis on manufacturing in engineering industries. Syllabus covers subjects such as Work Study, Production Management, Process Engineering, Tool Design, Mechanism, Power Engines, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Hydraulic Machinery, Machine Design Practice and Entrepreneurship.

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  • Electrical

    Diploma In Electrical Engineering

    This Course lays emphasis on Electricity Generation, Distribution and Utilization. It covers subjects like Electricity Fundamentals, Electrical Engineering Materials, Drawing and Estimation, Electrical Machines, Electrical Power Generation and Distribution, etc. 

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  • Plastic Engineering

    Diploma in Plastic Engineering

    The Plastics Engineering Diploma Course lays emphasis on Engineering aspects of Plastic Industry. It deals with various processes used in Plastic Processing Machinery, Mould Design and Fabrication and Plastic Testing with sufficient knowledge of properties of Plastic material.

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  • Chemical Engineering

    Diploma in Chemical Engineering

    The Diploma course in chemical engineering deals with various aspects of chemical industry, such as, Unit operations, Process Technology of Important Commercial Chemicals, Process Control and Instrumentation, Maintenance and Material Handling. 

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  • Computer Engineering

    Diploma in Computer Engineering

    The emphasis of the course is on Computer Education at a Technical Level covering Knowledge of Software : Programming Languages, System Analysis and Design, Database, Concepts of Operating System, Hardware... 

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  • Information Technology

    Diploma in Information Technology

    The emphasis of the course is on Information Technology with computer education at a Technician level covering knowledge of Software : Programming languages, System Analysis and Design, Database, Concepts of Operating Systems, Data structure communication related topics, Internet, Entrepreneurship...

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    Diploma In Electronics and Telecommunication

    Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering deals with analoganddigital transmission/ reception of video, voice and data. The curriculum focuses on courses likeBasic Electronics,Communication Engineering (digital and analog),Microcontrollers,Satellite Communication, Microwave Engineering, Antenna and Wave propagation, VLSI, Internet of Things, Mobile Communication and Optical Fibre. Industrial training incorporated in the curriculum enhances the students’ practical skills. The job prospects include Technical Assistant, Supervisor, Operator in Quality Control, and in the Production and Maintenance Departments of several industries. There are entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of manufacturing and servicing electronic equipment.


    Curriculum and Examination Scheme-2019  Batch Admitted in 20-21

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