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Information Technology
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To create a learning environment that nurtures students and transform them into competent IT Diploma Graduates.


M1: To impart technical and managerial skills for pursuing academic excellence through dynamic learning environment.

M2: To foster industry ready graduates by acquiring and utilizing latest technology.

M3: To strengthen holistic development and Professionalism in the Diploma graduates.


PEO1: Imbibe core knowledge and utilise associated technologies to provide domain related solutions.

PEO2: Be capable of adapting to the rapid pace of technological dynamics through professional competence.

PEO3: Develop a holistic personality equipped with leadership qualities, team skills and humane approach towards society.


PSO1: Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge in core domains of IT such as Software Development, Databases and Information Systems

PSO2: Students will acquire skills that can provide IT solutions in the field of Networking, IOT, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

The course is three years full-time, Un-aided, Non-Sandwich semester Pattern having Multipoint
entry & Credit System. The emphasis of the course is on Information Technology with computer education at a Technician level covering knowledge of Software : Programming languages, System Analysis and Design, Database, Concepts of Operating Systems, Data structure communication related topics, Internet, Entrepreneurship, Hardware : Electronic Devices, Digital electronics, Robotics, Computer Peripherals at higher semester alongwith basic subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Communication Skills, Generic Skill, basis of Engineering Drawing in first and second semester. The content of syllabus is having weightage of around appex 70% to 30% as software to hardware respectively. After completion of Diploma students will be able to work as :–

  • A Database Administrator
  • Programmer
  • System Network Administrator
  • Web Application - Developer.
  • Customer Support Services
Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Date of Joining Nature of Association (Regular / Contract )
Mrs. N.G.Kadukar Vice Principal & H.O.D. B.E, M.Tech 15/07/2004 Regular
Shri A.B.Dongaonkar Sr. Lecturer B.E, M.E. 01/07/2004 Regular
Mrs.S.A.Naik Sr. Lecturer B.E.  M.E 04/07/2005 Regular
Mrs.R.S.Patwardhan Sr. Lecturer B.E. M.Tech 01/07/2004 Regular
Shri M.R.Solanki Sr. Lecturer B.E. M.E. 04/07/2005 Regular
Shri. P.D. Rathod Sr. Lecturer B.E. M.E 01/07/2009 Regular
Mrs.A.V. More Lecturer B.E. 12/07/2010 Regular
Mrs.K. V. Bhat   Lecturer B.E. 07/07/2006 Regular
Mr Ajinkya Jogale Lecturer M.Sc. B Ed. 01/02/2022 Contractual