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Plastics Engineering
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To empower the graduates through knowledge to produce high quality Plastics Engineer & Entrepreneurs


M1      To create a competent professionals and entrepreneurs, contributing towards growth of Plastics and allied engineering.

M2      To provide knowledge through strong Industry-Institute-Interaction.

M3      To continuously improve the teaching-learning process through need based curriculum and infrastructure.

M4      To inculcate environmental awareness, soft skills and promote lifelong learning.


PEO1-Diploma graduates can identify, formulate and solve complex problem in plastics  engineering

PEO2- To equip graduates with professional and entrepreneurial skills

PEO3- To enrich diploma graduate with recent technologies in plastics engineering

PEO4- To inculcate leadership skills and innovations



Graduates will able

PSO 1: To Design mould and dies, troubleshoot in plastics processing and test plastics products.

PSO2: To pursue higher education in premier institute and get employment in polymer industries such as rubber, composites, packaging & allied industries

PSO3: To setup plastic industries as an entrepreneur 


The Plastics Engineering Diploma Course lays emphasis on Engineering aspects of Plastic Industry. It deals with various processes used in Plastic Processing Machinery, Mould Design and Fabrication and Plastic Testing with sufficient knowledge of properties of Plastic materials. The students can work in Tool- Rooms making Moulds, in Plastic Industry making end products and Manufacture, Installation, Maintenance and Servicing of Plastic Machinery.

There is a scope for development as an entrepreneur also. Unlike a technology programme, this course is on the Engineering side oriented to Plastic Industry. Students cover subjects such as, Production Planning and Control, Inspection, Effective Supervision and Engineering Economic Analysis which improve their awareness to needy areas, such as personnel, costing and management.

Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Date of Joining Nature of Association (Regular / Contract )
Mrs.  R. M. Bawankar Incharge H.O.D B.Tech, M.E. 01/11/2010 Regular
Mr. S.A.kamble Lecturer B.Tech,M.E 20/06/2014 Regular
Mrs. M. P. Humbal Lecturer B.E. M.E 20/06/2014 Regular
Mr. N.N. Tembhurnikar Lecturer B.E., M.E 29/09/2014 Regular


Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2023-24

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2022

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2019-20

Curriculum For Batch Admitted In 2016-17

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2012-13

Curriculum for batch admitted in 2008-09

Plastics Engineering department provides following testing services to Plastics industries.

o Polymer Identification

o Melting Point

o Hardness Test

o Filler Content

o Melt Flow Index

o Tensile Strength Test

o % of elongation Test

o Flexural Strength Test

o Izod Impact Test

o Dart Impact Test

o Heat Distortion Test

o Vicat Softening Test

o Abrasion Resistance Test

o Coefficient of friction

o Density of plastics